Grit Weed and Sprayed Weed appeared around 2007 but didn't gain too much traction - buy a wet bud or a bud laced with sand you know you've been ripped-off!

A decade later, scam weed is much more sophisticated and harder to spot.

What is the scam?

Rather than adding things to the bud to make it weigh more, cannabis oil is removed through Butane Honey Oil Extraction to make high-grade concentrate that sells for the same price as cocaine, then waste is either sold as a scentless tasteless bud or is Washed with a mixture of aromatics and anything else required to make the empty buds look and smell like good quality cannabis.

The process below turns an ounce of good cannabis bud into 5g of extract and 1oz of crap weed with street price of £680.

The real money would be in cutting the extracts, which if cut 50/50, would push value up to the £1000 mark!

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1oz 20-30% THC



80% THC

5g at £80/g =



1% THC

1 oz at £280/oz =