Butane Honey Oil aka hippy-crack or liquid gold is cannabis essential oil extracted using butane gas as a solvent.This method was used years ago by growers to extract cannabinoids from waste leaves, stalks and low quality buds and was seen as a bonus treat for the grower that came from otherwise virtually useless waste.

The process is basically to put waste cannabis plant material into a closed PVC tube with a small hole in the cap at one end and a lighter-gas nozzle wedged into a small hole in the cap at the other end. Butane gas is then sprayed through the tube which dissolves the cannabinoids from the plant, condenses and drips out of the small hole in the tube into a tray.

Once the butane gas has evaporated off, the amber glass-like substance, that is left behind in the dish contains the bulk of the THC/CBD and volatile terpenes from the cannabis.