Blasted Cannabis Buds can be washed or sprayed with compounds to produce the visual appearance and, or, scent, of high quality cannabis. Please bear in mind:

  • The scent of cannabis comes from non-psychoactive terpenes produced by cannabis which are found in other essential oils.
  • Cannabis is unique - most plants produce a small number of specific terpenes but around 140 different terpenes have been found in cannabis.
  • Medicinal and recreational cannabis is now a huge international market with cannabis production, extraction, and processing being done on an industrial scale.

Non-psychoactive cannabis terpenes can be purchased legally, could be isolated from BHO, or could be extracted from other common plants that only produce specific terpenes.

Companies even sell terpene mixtures derived from non-cannabis species that smell like specific cannabis strains.

These aromatic mixtures are added to a solvent such as hexane or naptha and the bho waste is washed in the solution and allowed to dry.

The solvent evaporates which allows the terpenes to crystalise on the plant structure. 

The crystalised mixture looks like natural cannabis oil to the naked eye, however, cannabis secretes its oil in a paricular way which makes the oils form trichome structures (a sweaty hair with a droplet of oil at the end) but artificially applied oils coat the entire plant structure, including leaves and stalks, so a jewllers loupe or microscope can be used to identify whether the oils were artificially applied.

The Result

A cannabis derived product that doesnt get you stoned, but that smells and looks - to the naked eye - like good cannabis. 

Public Health Warning: the product will also contain remnants of solvents used due to lack of care over adequately vacuum purging the product, along with any nasties that were present in the cheap low-grade solvents used.

Even though it doesnt get you stoned (though may have some kind of effect) it can be tricky to spot due to powerful psycho-cognative factors: colour and scent has a heavy influence on taste; sights smells and sounds can induce memories of emotions and feelings; expectation influences perception, etc. It is this emporor's new clothes effect that makes this scam so insidious.


For detailed descriptions and photos of washed weed please check out the bud reports


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